Surgimos em 2012

inspired by the culture and quality of the land of the rising sun – nippon

Inspired by the culture and quality of the land of the rising sun – Nippon – the NIPON Coolair brand was created in 2012 with the aim of offering the professional market a complete range of quality air conditioning solutions, with a superior level of service, at a price fair and competitive.

NIPON Coolair is a Portuguese air conditioning brand that offers a range of cutting-edge products with the best quality and energy efficiency levels in the market in its segment, the result of a professional and rigorous constant search for the best solutions and innovations in the segment.

Our equipment is produced under the highest quality standards in state-of-the-art factories located in Asia and Europe.

Present in the Portuguese market since 2012, NIPON Coolair continues to earn more and more the trust of users, becoming in 2020 one of the most important brands in the sector, already present in some European countries.

we have a wide range

We currently have the best air conditioning solutions on the market, with a wide range of high quality, durable and energy efficient equipment.

NIPON Coolair has a complete range of air conditioning equipment, heat pumps and fan coils for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in its product offering.

This constant need of ours to search to be able to offer the best solutions, makes us travel to various parts of the planet in search of the best. So we have a range of equipment produced in several countries, under the strictest quality control.

Under the close scrutiny of a team of engineers and designers, the equipment is evaluated, tested and chosen based on the test results and always taking into account quality, design, efficiency and functionality. Thus, production is always carried out with the design and quality standards required by Nipon Coolair®, in order to always maintain the intended standards to which our customers are accustomed.

That's why we believe in Nipon Coolair® as a universal brand to improve the quality of life of the global citizen, always guaranteeing comfort, quality, durability and efficiency.

The protection of the environment is a vital point in Nipon Coolair® products

It is a constant concern to ensure comfort and quality with the least possible environmental impact.

Our products are laboratory tested to ensure total comfort and maximum energy efficiency

All of the NIPON Coolair equipment is a European Ecodesign (ERP) directive that limits the minimum and minimum classification of the responsibility for all energy efficiency, sending our products mainly from the energy class A +++.

Also with regard to the noise level, NIPON Coolair is concerned with offering equipment with a low level of sound pressure, thus also contributing to well-being and full integration with the environment.

energy efficiency

NIPON COOLAIR fully complies with the European Union (EU) directive on “seasonal efficiency”, a new way of classifying heating and cooling equipment based on their energy efficiency throughout the year.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) value for cooling and the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) value for heating reflect the true energy consumption of an air conditioning equipment throughout the year. This form of classification allows consumers a more reliable perception of energy consumption when purchasing heating or cooling equipment. The Seasonal Efficiency energy label indicates the energy efficiency of the product, ranging from A+++, A+, etc.

What sets us apart!

In addition to the quality and reliability of our equipment, NIPON Coolair provides excellent after-sales service and specialized technical support.

After sales service

NIPON Coolair offers its customers a comprehensive after-sales technical assistance service made up of a team of highly qualified technicians, ready to assist our equipment in any part of the country.

For a complete after-sales service, NIPON Coolair also has a warehouse with a vast stock of replacement parts, for any needs in case of breakdown.

Technical support

We also have at our customers' disposal a team of specialized engineers who offer technical support before and after sales, by telephone or in person.


With a high level of technical knowledge, this team allows us to support our customers and partners in all types of technical needs, from technical queries, equipment selection, making proposals, installation support, commissioning, or technical support to the designer in large construction.


NIPON Coolair assures for all the equipment necessary to guarantee a general guarantee against the difference of the manufacture of 2 years for any problem, and 3 years for the compressor.

Such a vast guarantee for the compressor, a fundamental element of all equipment, is only possible thanks to the unquestionable trust we place in the quality of our products.

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